Φ105 Black whirlwind blades seriesⅢ
Φ105 Black whirlwind blades seriesⅢ
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Black whirlwindⅢ









The black whirlwind series are the key products of φ105mm saw blades with "whirlwind"brand. Suitable for dry cutting hard granite, refractory brick, hard ceramic, reinforced concrete, etc. The products are used for senior indoor decoration and cutting high grade stone.

Especially the Black whirlwindⅠ, it is the top class products in china. It’s excellent performance has gained identify from customers. Black whirlwindⅡand Black whirlwind Ⅲare its sister products in order to meet different demand with price difference.

Special technology, advanced process and mature management founded the top class "whirlwind" saw blades.

Item No.: GH105
Diameter: 105
Arbor: 20
Segment Width: 1.9
Segment Height: 7.0


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